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March 2010

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Wood Kits


Laser Cut Wood Clock Kits.

You can have the unique experience ...
        of making your very own Clock or ...
                give the finished Clock as a gift.

11"s Wide 18"s High 6"s Deep With
Pendulum, 50"s High

8"s Wide 18"s High 6"s Deep With
Pendulum, 50"s High

The Gift Clock The Thomas Clock


Both the Thomas and Gift clock kits are beautiful timekeeping clocks.

The laser cutting of all assembly parts make for a highly accurate and easy to assemble kit. Each kit contains a detailed color assembly manual as well as a 35 minute video tape that takes you through the complete assembly process. These clocks can easily be constructed in one day. Even sooner if glue could be made to dry faster than it does.

If you ever tried to build a balsa wood model airplane kit, you remember how very carefully you had to remove parts from the stamped templates, sometimes using an exacto knife or razor blade, you probably remember how frustrating and time consuming it was to remove the parts! Even then, if one broke you had the almost impossible job of trying to salvage that part. Five ply marine grade Baltic birch is the material used in the production of both of these kits.

Laser cutting, along with the quality of the wood completely eliminates even the remote possibility of your damaging a part. You could however, loose a part during construction. If this happened, we will make that item available to you free of charge. Of course if you have questions either before or during assembly, contact us and we will be more than happy to work with you.

We promise, the finished product will be not only be a conversation piece, but an accurate and beautiful clock that you will be proud to display in your home for years to come.
A truly unique project.  Check them out.
For more information ... contact Dan.




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