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Thomas Clock



Thomas Wall Wooden - Laser Cut - Clock Kit.


Over fifty-five years ago, Mr. Thomas invented and patented this unusual all-wood, wall-clock kit. It has been nearly forty-five years since this unique clock has been offered to the public. To our knowledge, it is the first all-wood clock kit ever made that keeps perfect time! 

The Thomas Wall Clock Kit is sure to be an heirloom in your family's history.  It is a traditionally designed clock that is a masterpiece of engineering, beauty and elegance!

The Thomas Wall Clock keeps perfect time (accurate to within one minute per month!). It is made entirely out of, select, imported, Russian, kiln-dried, Baltic Birch hard-wood 5-ply, gears and all!  It assembles with relative ease.  The finished clock is 18"s high (with the shown supports), 8"s wide, and 6"s deep.

Once assembled, the completed clock may be finished any way you like. Most people prefer to stain the wood and leave the "workings" exposed for all to see! This clock is truly an exceptional and unique conversation piece!

Imported, hand-selected, Russian, Baltic Birch is used in the Thomas Wall Clock kits because of its extreme durability and its resistance to moisture-swelling and warping.  There is really no other wood available that has the desired qualities of this wood, when it comes to wooden-gears and clock making.

Additionally, the wood used is really quite beautiful in its own right, not to mention the fact that it stains very nicely! Cherry or Walnut stains are simply beautiful on this wood.
The Thomas Wall Clock, like other Clock Mechanics clock kits, keeps perfect time!  Quality and Care has been put into these premier cock kits to insure that it will be an heirloom in your family!

A Laser-Cut Clock!
Woodworking has never been easier! The Thomas Wall Clock Kit is laser-cut for the ultimate in accuracy. Everyone knows, modern lasers are dead-on accurate. The more accurately the parts fit on a clock, the better the clock runs. The average woodworker can certainly build The Gift Clock from scratch and achieve this accuracy, but this requires some skill and patience. A person assembling a laser-cut wood-clock can virtually bypass these old-fashioned virtues! (Well, almost, some patience is needed to assemble any kind of kit!)

Using laser technology, the gears and various parts of a wood clock fit very nicely thus reducing friction. Friction is the enemy of any mechanical device. Clocks are no exception.  There has never been anything invented to equal the significance of modern laser technology when it comes to being able to use wood for clock building.

Sig Industries, Montezuma, Iowa, does a wonderful job of cutting the clock parts with state-of-the-art laser technology! Airplane model-kits by Sig Industries are sold worldwide!
These are beautiful clocks and very well designed kits!

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